London dog week fashion show brunch 2019

Your little pups could be the ones you most love and their love never fail to leave you speechless. In London, there is a very beautiful event to prove how much a human can do for his dog. Every year by the end of March, this dog week is celebrated taking one breed in particular. This particular event is specially created for your fur-babies and it’s not just some other lunch or brunch party for that matter. This week features special giveaways, special guest hosts, lots of interactive activities for you and your dog and also your family to enjoy.

The most fun part about this event is that people without their own dogs are also welcome to the venue. The kids are supposed to be accompanied by an adult and must be very well behaved. Dogs recovering from any kind if I’ll essential or surgery are not at all allowed and it is not to hurt anybody’s feelings but to maintain a certain decorum of the event which is quite strict and elegant.

To spice up the fun a little, there is an exclusive dog fashion show in which the most well-trained dogs walk the ramp featuring talented independent brands. All the Foodies and fashionistas out there, this event is perfect for you. The event is all about showcasing how much of a fashionista are you and your baby pup. There are retail shops where you can even find the featured fashion outfits for your dog. The ticket for this fashion show includes a two-course meal and entry to the fashion show.

In this week, woof woof, an event for the dogs to be pampered is organized. In this event the pet owners are supposed to style like their dogs and their dogs are treated or pampered by the famous London dog groomer, Pretty paws. The event also gives away money to charity by giving away tote bags. Which is a good thing to do while pampering them.

For all the guests and tourists visiting this lovely dog week will have an experience like never before as it would pamper you and your lovely pet to the core. The tickets would include a one-timemeal and depending on the event, the passes to it. The week truly gives the importance to your lovely pets who have been showering you with all their love and affection from the day you got them home. It’s a lovely event for the tourists to visit with or without their dogs.