Franz West

For those of you who don’t know who this person is, he’s a world-famous Austrian artist who is famous for his unconventional objects and sculptures, installations and furniture work but the most fun part was that it requires audience to judge which is all the more fun for all the art loving tourists and locals. His art galleries in London are a main attraction to all the visitors visiting London. Gagosian gallery is the place which represented this Austrian artist.

The art and sculpture designed by this wonderful artist are even kept on display as a part of ‘like it and lump it’ on exhibition. This exhibition is sure to keep you at awe making you aware about what’s the hot public topic. It basically is not like other exhibitions, it mixes sculptures with different backgrounds to generate curiosity among the people who are visiting this exhibition for the first time. This exhibition generates awareness about the topics in general which are about general awareness.

His main forte was the furniture and sculptures that are often displayed at the parks as well. His art is mainly made out of plaster and paperMache. The kind of art he used to make or is in illustration in a garden were very famous in the 70’s. The city of London has an advantage of having this famous artist’s gallery in town which is famous for its contemporary art in town which was at some time famous in Austria.

Franz West was an artist who saw world in a very different way even when it was not so advance and his ‘forward than his time’s’ famous art came into limelight and proved that his art was built to spread awareness and was much more in the modern art side. Although his art forms are still an integral part of how we see modern art today, this is one reason why it’s not just a part of an art gallery in London but all over the world. His work has been a fixture in countless exhibition surveys all over the world.

If you visit to London, then you must most definitely visit the Gagosian gallery to visit this late famous artist’s artwork. It’s definitely not sold for less, but it really doesn’t cost much to look at the delightful pieces of art. The artist has revolutionized the interplay of concealment and exposure both in and outside of the gallery. Having to look at his artwork can be a treat to the eye and soul. It’s absolutely pleasing to just admire the thinking behind what he wanted to do with his art work by putting a little of everything in it.